Posts on this blog will frequently, if not always, take the form of a news spoof, not genuine news like you might expect to find on Fox. The stories presented are not real.

Or are they?

I am a self-described satirical humorist and former would-be who enjoys taking the news of the ridiculous and giving it just enough of a twist to send it into the realm of absurdity. I spent 20 years in community journalism covering American politics at the microcosmic level, as well as such illustrious events as the annual Daughters of Isabella Car Wash and Slumber Party.

I know! Impressive, is it not?

As an exoanthropologist, I have been studying Humanity for many, many years – concentrating on the rich veins of creativity and surprisingly accurate insights incorporated by entertainment media.

I have accumulated a large collection of science fiction and fantasy books retained, in all their mildewed glory, to this day. Over time, my interests have expanded to other entertaining areas of human artistic expression, becoming an early adapter of cassettes, CDs, VHS (dodged the BetaMax bullet there), DVD, Blu-ray and “UltraViolet” technologies.

Consequently, I may, on occasion, be tempted to turn to the dark side — entertainment — for the subject matter of this blog. Yes, just like ABC news.

Throughout the years, I have occasionally (OK, frequently) been accused of being cynical (yeah, right!), pessimistic (told you so!), even misanthropic (humans, go figure!). I have never been convicted on any of these charges.

I ran a satirical website, globe-guardian.com, for about a decade, having recently transformed its top contents into a book, Truth Is An Amusing Concept. I am also the author of The Hereafter Handbook, which I see as a playful look at the afterlife. Others have not.

Both books are available on Amazon in electronic and paperback formats (hint, hint).

I live in Wisconsin, with my wife, Mary, also an author. We share our home with a pair of voracious Puggles, canine companions who exhibit the best (and worst) traits of Pugs and Beagles.


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